Realty Stars, Inc California Privacy Notice

Realty Stars, Inc respect and is committed to protecting your privacy. This California Privacy Notice explains how we collect, use, and disclose Personal Information, when and to whom we disclose such information, and the rights you, as a California resident (“Consumer”), have regarding your Personal Information (“California Privacy Rights”).

Collection of categories of Personal Information:

In the preceding 12 months Realty Stars, Inc has collected, and will continue to collect, the following categories of Personal Information from you:

This Personal Information is collected from the following sources:

This Personal Information is collected for the following business purposes:

Disclosures of Personal Information for a business purpose:

In the preceding 12 months Realty Stars, Inc has disclosed, and will continue to disclose, the categories of Personal Information listed above for a business purpose. We may disclose Personal Information for a business purpose to the following categories of third parties:

Sale of Personal Information:

In the preceding 12 months, Realty Stars, Inc has not sold Personal Information. Realty Stars, Inc does not sell Personal Information.

Personal Information of minors:

Realty Stars, Inc does not knowingly collect the Personal Information of minors.

Right to know:

Consumers have a right to know about Personal Information collected, used, disclosed, or sold. Consumers have the right to request Realty Stars, Inc disclose what personal information it collected, used, and disclosed in the past 12 months.

Right to request deletion:

Consumers have a right to request the deletion of their personal information.

Right to non-discrimination:

Consumers have a right not to be discriminated against by exercising their consumer privacy rights. We will not discriminate against Consumers for exercising any of their California Privacy Rights.

Right to use an Authorized Agent:

A Consumer may use an Authorized Agent to submit a request to know or a request to delete his or her information. Should a Consumer utilize an Authorized Agent, Realty Stars, Inc will require the Consumer provide the agent written permission to make the request and verify his or her identity with Realty Stars, Inc.

To exercise any of your California Privacy Rights mail to: Realty Stars, Inc 13799 Park Blvd #191 Seminole, FL 33776 or call Toll Free 877-475-7940.
Upon making a California Privacy Request, Consumers will be prompted to verify their identity through a third-party ID validation or by utilizing an existing login if applicable.
The above-rights are subject to any applicable rights and obligations including both Federal and California exemptions rendering Realty Stars, Inc, or Personal Information collected by Realty Stars, Inc, exempt from certain CCPA requirements.

California Privacy Notice – Effective Date:
This California Privacy Notice was last updated on April 15, 2021

Contact for more information:
For questions or concerns about Realty Stars, Inc’s California Privacy Notice and privacy practices, or to exercise any of your California Privacy Rights, please follow the link call Toll Free 877-475-7940, or by mail to:

Realty Stars, Inc
13799 Park Blvd #191
Seminole, FL 33776