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Realty Stars is the only IDX real estate search platform built for television on such popular connected TV devices as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV (coming soon on Apple TV). It is primarily a network of agent and real estate team branded channels providing their prospects a platform where they can search the MLS from their popular TV devices.

That is a HUGE yes. Once they do, we often hear that they will never go back to their phones and tablets. We developed a similar national platform that hosts only a limited number of listings in most areas and is nowhere near as robust as Realty Stars. The feedback on that has exceeded our expectations so we decided to put this technology into the hands of true real estate professionals and give them something to combat the national portals. We have people truly addicted to our other platform, which is limited and not powered by IDX. We are greatly confident that once someone enters your channel, they will NOT be “turning the channel” back to the national portals.

Being able to really see the properties because of the HUGE photos. That is the most common response that we get. Also, believe it or not, the ease of browsing around with a Roku or Fire TV remote. We have designed our platform to work easily with the remotes. The other big plus is being able to be on a couch with the entire family participating. Others have told us that they love the relaxing background music (which works on TV, unlike on the web) and really enjoy when the property movies start playing when it goes into screensaver mode. Many keep using the platform even when they are not in the market to buy or sell, merely using it for entertainment or decorating ideas.

The main advantage is getting them off the national portals and into your environment. Once they are in your channel, it is all about you, the listings, and no one else. Once your prospects get used to searching the MLS on their big screen televisions (on your own channel) they normally get hooked and will not go elsewhere. Even the best designed and expensive IDX websites are not normally enough to keep prospects from going back to the big national portals.

Yes, we are the Apple TV app is finished and we are currently in the process of publishing with Apple.

Yes, each channel has its own IDX website that works in conjunction with the channel. Properties saved on the website are also saved on the channel and visa versa. The website is designed to draw attention to your channel. The TV aspect of the Realty Stars platform is what gets the prospects intrigued and hooked.

Each channel has a unique channel code. Your prospects will be prompted to enter your unique channel code when accessing your channel for the first time. Your channel code is displayed everywhere in your marketing. Prospects cannot enter the Realty Stars app and randomly browse other agents. If they were directed to the app from your website, social media ads, postcards, etc. they will have access to enter your channel code to proceed. The system is designed to make the "Realty Stars" app appear to be solely yours to the consumer.

The same way that you would market your website. The difference is the TV aspect catches the attention of prospects since it is new and innovative technology. It is also a much better home search experience that they cannot get anywhere else.

Yes, however we prefer to call it earning new viewers. We feel the uniqueness of our platform is more attractive than attracting a prospect to just another real estate website. There are thousands of real estate search websites on the web and most just go to the big national portals. You must offer something different and better in today’s market.

Yes, you receive a new viewer alert. You also can see stats on how often a viewer enters your channel, how long they stay on your channel, properties saved, etc. Viewer can also communicate with you with their remotes alerting you to properties of interest.

Besides marketing your channel to prospects in your area, the channel is great for window and office display. The robust screensaver plays movies (with background music) of listings all around your MLS and will continue to play all day. It is also a fun thing for clients visiting your office to play with.

The agent channel is owned by an individual agent and branded solely to that agent. The team channel is owned by a team where a team of agents is displayed. However, one person can administer the team channel.

Yes, you can change modify the theme, colors, your brand logo, etc. The background image is also modifiable. Most channel owners choose a local vibe.

Yes, that feature is in the works and will be launched shortly.

This is another feature that will be available shortly. You will be able to create video categories, etc. Many agents will use this feature to show videos of their personal listings, videos selling the area, testimonial videos, and of course videos promoting themselves.

Not at all. We have created a modern dashboard (which we call the studio) where you manage your profile, contact information, theme, logos, etc. We have years of experience in this industry and have learned to keep things robust but simple for agents and their assistants.

We have a lot of experience at working with MLS all around the county. In most cases we can board a new MLS in a couple of weeks or less. Just contact us to get that process started.

We have spent years developing this technology to work on the popular television platforms like Roku, Fire TV, etc. These platforms are now in most US households and have become EXTREMELY popular. However, they do not have the built-in elements to handle what it takes to truly provide a rich, interactive real estate search experience. Most all real estate related channels that you will find on Roku and Fire TV are videos only and none include MLS searches. Being able to handle IDX data with millions of photos on these platforms has been developed over time with our patent pending technology. To hire a Roku or Fire TV channel development team to build your own real estate channel to do something similar would cost in the hundreds of thousands, if not more. We have created a way to make this very affordable to individual agents and real estate teams. Contact us for pricing on the solution that works best for you.

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